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15/16 ティーザー(国内)
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absinthe films

15-16 Overseas Teaser 15/16 ティーザー(海外)

MOVIE ムービー

TEASER ティーザー play time 01:50  2015/9/3 up


starring : Mark Wilson, Layne Treeter, Sam Taxwood サム タクスウッド, Alex Sherman アレックス シャーマン, Darrell Mathes, Zac Marben ザック マーベン, Derrek Lever, Harrison Gordon ハリソン ゴードン, Tommy Gesme トミー ゲズメ, Justin Fronius ジャスティン フロニウス, Gus Engle, Nick Dirks ニック ダークス, Danimals ダニマルス DANIMALS, Jed Anderson ジェド アンダーソン
sponsored by : adidas アディダス, Ashbury アシュベリー, Burton バートン, DUH BOLTS, DC, DRAGON ドラゴン, holden ホールデン, Howl ハウル, K2, NITRO ナイトロ, NIKE ナイキ, RIDE, salomon サロモン, STEPCHILD ステップチャイルド, thirtytwo サーティートゥー, WOODWARD, VANS バンズ

HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:36分
While snowboarding content is becoming more instant and disposable, we are thankful/proud to deliver an annual release that stands apart from the daily feed and is made special by the support of the sponsors, riders, and filmers involved. VIDEOGRACIAS AMIGOS!

TEASER ティーザー play time 03:09  2015/9/2 up

15/16 2016 "The SNOWBOARDER Movie : SFD"

Snowboarder Magazine(スノーボーダーマガジン)
The Snowboarder Movie: SFD(エスエフディ)
HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:57分
SFD is not just a saying. It’s a movement. An ideology. An approach. A choice made deliberately to dedicate one’s life to snowboarding’s counter-culture philosophy. Last winter, SNOWBOARDER Magazine hand-picked sixteen riders whom we believed to encompass this philosophy and sent them around the world to make the best snowboard movie of the year. From Japan to Canada and the United States to Europe, the SFD crew found the deepest powder, the darkest city streets and the most pristine park jumps to showcase their world-renowned skills on and the result is a snowboard film that will be talked about for ages. Tag along as Bryan Fox, Forest Bailey, Hans and Nils Mindnich, Jess Kimura, Mark Sollors, Ethan Deiss, Jake Olson-Elm, Scott Blum, Lucas Magoon, Blake Paul, Dustin Craven, Jake Blauvelt, Jess Kimura, Iikka Backstrom, Jake Welch and friends show the world why they’re not just committed to snowboarding…they’re SFD for life.

TEASER ティーザー play time 02:10  2015/10/25 up

shredbots - 15/16 2016 "SHREDTOPIA"


starring : Torstein Horgmo トースタイン ホーグモ, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Brage Richenberg ブレージュ ライヒェンベルク, Werni Stock, Darcy Sharpe ダーシー シャープ, Mark McMorris マーク マクモリス

TEASER ティーザー play time 02:40  2015/9/29 up

Transworld - 15/16 2016 "ORIGINS"

starring : Kazuhiro Kokubo 国母 和宏, Kohei Kudo, Teddy Koo, Arthur Longo, Victor Daviet, Victor De Le Rue, Rusty Ockenden, Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman, Frank Bourgeois フランク ブルジョア, Jason Dubois, Jeremy Cloutier, Kimmy Fasani, John Jackson ジョン ジャクソン, Eric Jackson

HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:60分
Know the past, see the future. With TransWorld SNOWboarding’s fifth feature film Origins, we set out to find the roots of freestyle snowboarding at five locations around the globe. On our list: The Alps, France; Hokkaido, Japan; Quebec, Canada; Whistler, Canada; Mammoth, USA. In each place, we sought the pioneers that shaped the local scenes and inspired the generations that followed. We strapped in alongside them, listened to the stories of how we got to where we are today. Where we are today. You can see that in the riders who signed on to this journey with us. The riders who are adding their own stories to what the pioneers created. From Japan: Kazu Kokubo, Kohei Kudo, Teddy Koo. From France: Arthur Longo, Victor Daviet, Victor De Le Rue. From Quebec: Frank Bourgeois, Jeremy Cloutier, Jason Dubois. From Whistler: Rusty Ockenden, Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman. From Mammoth: John Jackson, Eric Jackson, Kimmy Fasani. In pursuit of snow, progression, and knowledge, this is our season.

TEASER ティーザー play time 00:40  2015/10/6 up

absinthe films - 15/16 2016 "Eversince"

starring : Nicolas Müller ニコラス ミューラー, Brandon Cocard, Keegan Valaika キーガン バライカ, Jason Robinson, Austen Sweetin オースティン スウィーティン, Manuel Diaz, Ozzy Henning オジー ヘニング, Max Buri, Scot Brown, Cale Zima, Mat Schär, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Lucas Debari, Fredi Kalbermatten, Garret Warnick, Bode Merrill ボード メリル

Absinthe Films(アブシンスフィルムス)
HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:58分
Can you remember your first time? …the first moment you knew you were hooked …the moment you knew you would find a way to make it happen again…no matter what. Our adventures are fueled by that unstoppable passion to find that unforgettable feeling. Eversince that first time.

TEASER ティーザー play time 03:06  2015/10/4 up

Deja Vu Proudction - 15/16 2016 "ENCORE"

starring : Phil Jacques, Will Lavigne, Louis-Felix Paradis, Ben Bilocq ベン ビローク, Alex Cantin, Nic Sauve ニック サーヴ, LNP エル エヌ ピー, and Frank April フランク エイプリル

Deja Vu Proudction(デジャブプロダクション)
HD画質:¥1000 標準画質:¥800 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:52分
Following the critically acclaimed self titled, Déjà vu is back for more with ''Encore'': A unique look into modern snowboarding seen through the eyes and the riding of one of the most progressive crew in snowboarding. Follow one more time this authentic group of friends as they chase snow, and good times around the globe.

TEASER ティーザー play time 02:42  2015/9/21 up

Red Bull - 15/16 2016 "In Motion" feat. マークマクモリス

sponsored by : Werni Stock, Darcy Sharpe, Stale Sandbech, Mikey Rencz, Tyler Nicholson, Nicolas Mueller, Craig McMorris, Mark McMorris, Tor Lundstrom, Scotty James, Terje Hakonsen, Danny Davis, Mikey Ciccarelli, Mikkel Bang, Ulrik Badertscher, Kevin Backstrom

Red Bull(レッドブル)
In Motion(インモーション)
HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:43分
Olympic bronze medalist and ten-time X Games medalist Mark McMorris wants the world to know there’s more to snowboarding than tricks & trophies. Traveling the world & riding with the sport’s best, he explores snowboard culture as he seeks to push his progression beyond the competitive realm and into the endless frontiers of the backcountry.

TEASER ティーザー play time 02:24  2015/9/17 up

Red Bull - 15/16 2016 "ENDER" feat. エーロエッタラ

Red Bull(レッドブル)
HD画質:¥1000 標準画質:¥800 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:75分
Ender tells the story of the snowboarding pioneer’s decade of passion and self-sacrifice towards pushing the limits of what’s possible on a snowboard. Eero Ettala is one of the snowboarders who has had to re-create himself year after year for the past decade to keep up with the fast-paced developments in professional snowboarding. Ender offers a vantage point to see what has happened in snowboarding throughout the past decade and gives us a detailed look into Eero’s career. Featuring: Eero Ettala, Aaron Biittner, Toni Kerkelä, Antti Jussila, Marcus Kleveland, Heikki Sorsa, Knut Eliassen, Sam Taxwood, Marko Grilc and Terje Håkonsen.

TEASER ティーザー play time 04:08  2015/1/29 up

think thank - 15/16 2016 "Methods of Prediction"

starring : Max Warbington, Sammy Spiteri, Nial Romanek ニエル ロマネク, Mitch Richmond ミッチ リッチモンド, Brandon Reis, Fredrik Perry, Ryan Paul ライアン ポール, Desiree Melancon デジレ メランソン, Justin Keniston, Erik Karlsson, Sam Hulbert, Brandon Hammid ブランドン ハミッド, Parker Duke, Jesse Burtner ジェシー バートナー, Ted Borland テド ボーランド

Methods of Prediction(メソッズオブプレディクション)
HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:42分
Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac presents “Methods of Prediction." Scattered across the wind worn plains a group of free spirited snowboard life enthusiasts search for magical moments and the future of fun. Armed with snowboards, shovels, 2 white vans, various propulsion devices, cones, cans and combat like bond of friendship the Think Thank crew scours the globe leaving no park un-jibbed, no rope un-towed, no booter un-flipped and no pow un-slashed. Through extensive field research this crack team of snowboard bosses gets down to the grass roots of what makes snowboarding tick. So flip the Tarot cards, steep the tea, consult the star charts and chart the star’s homes because the end is only the beginning when the Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac uses it's "Methods of Prediction!"

TEASER ティーザー play time 03:08  2015/9/2 up

thirtytwo - 15/16 2016 "2032"

starring : JP Walker ジェイピー ウォーカー, Jeremy Jones ジェレミー ジョーンズ (Big Mtn), Scott Stevens スコット スティーブンス, Chris Grenier クリス グルニエ, Joe Sexton ジョー セクストン, Chris Bradshaw クリス ブラッドショウ, Frank April フランク エイプリル, Dylan Thompson ディラン トンプソン, Brandon Hobush ブランドン ホブッシュ, Spencer Schubert スペンサー シューベルト, Toni Kerkela トニー カーカラー, Benny Urban ベニー アーバン, Dylan Alito ディラン アリート, Johnny O Connor, Jordan Small ジョーダン スモール, Kas Lemmens カス レメンス, Dylan Gamache and friends.

HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500 公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:47分
ThirtyTwo has been making high-performance snowboard products for over 20 years. With one of the most respected snowboard teams in the industry. We knew it was time, introducing the first ever team movie. 20 PRO and AM team riders doing what they know best, featuring locations around the world, urban to backcountry snowboarding. This movie will not disappoint. Get ready because; “In The Future Everyone Will Snowboard” Introducing “2032”

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absinthe films
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2017.03.15 Wed

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CONNEKT 5- TORSTEIN HORGMO トースタインホーグモ - 4K- Shred Bots
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2017.03.14 Tue

JP WALKER VISITORS REMIX JP Walker hopped into the lab and re-edited this part up himself from all ... 2017.3.14 up
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METHOD TV - VANS HI TIMES TOUR 2017 - Part Swiss The Vans team was on the roads of Switzerland befo... 2017.3.14 up

2017.03.13 Mon

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Sunday In The Park 2017: Episode 10
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2017.03.10 Fri

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2017.03.09 Thu

Bear Mountain x Scott Stevens スコットスティーブンス
Bear Mountain x Scott Stevens Scott Stevens ripping the Bear Mountain Park like only he can. Film/E... 2017.3.9 up