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FULL PART フルパート Think Thank 2015 15/16 "Methods of Prediction" Sammy Spiteri サミースピテリ full part 2015.9.29 up

ARBOR アーバー Snowboards x think thank シンクサンク – Sammy Spiteri Full Part

Think Thank 2015 15/16 "Methods of Prediction"からSammy Spiteri’s full part
One of the most creative street riders in the game, Sammy Spiteri approaches filming a video part with an eye for skate inspired lines and clean executions. For years, Sammy has flown largely under the radar, but last year Think Thank gave “Spits” the opportunity he’s been waiting for and he absolutely crushed it while filming for their most recent full length video, Methods of Prediction. In this break out part, Sammy puts down a entire Home Depot shopping cart of hammers and he does it all the while with a smile on his face.


Methods of Prediction(メソッズオブプレディクション)

HD画質:¥2000 標準画質:¥1500
公開年:2015/2016 再生時間:42分

Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac presents “Methods of Prediction." Scattered across the wind worn plains a group of free spirited snowboard life enthusiasts search for magical moments and the future of fun. Armed with snowboards, shovels, 2 white vans, various propulsion devices, cones, cans and combat like bond of friendship the Think Thank crew scours the globe leaving no park un-jibbed, no rope un-towed, no booter un-flipped and no pow un-slashed. Through extensive field research this crack team of snowboard bosses gets down to the grass roots of what makes snowboarding tick. So flip the Tarot cards, steep the tea, consult the star charts and chart the star’s homes because the end is only the beginning when the Think Thank Snowboarding Almanac uses it's "Methods of Prediction!"

ARBOR アーバー(MOVIE) thinkthank シンクサンク ARBOR アーバー (GEAR) think thank シンクサンク


FULL PART フルパートMeet: Drayden Gardner PARK パーク8k 4 from S3GC0S


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